Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse can agree that your divorce should be simple, economical, fast and stress-free AND you do not want to be forced to live with an arrangement dictated by the court, then take control over your own divorce and do an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE.  It is fast, cheap and effective.

Beware of the vast number of legal services that allow paralegals to process these forms rather than attorneys.  Our NY divorce attorneys will get it right the first time because we will personally handle your uncontested divorce.

Are you seeking an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE?

Do you believe that your spouse will sign the papers and consent to a divorce?


Do you believe that your spouse will not take any steps to block the divorce?

If so, we are here to make the process simple, fast and as cost effective as possible. Simply CONTACT US and an attorney in our firm will answer your email promptly.

We can complete your entire divorce by email, mail and telephone. We will make your divorce convenient, fast and hassle free!  We understand that divorce can be a stressful time and we do whatever is necessary to help you through it.


  1. We will email you a simple questionnaire about your marriage. Once complete and returned to us, we will evaluate your options and call you within 24 hours to explain the process.
  2. Upon receipt of payment we will prepare all of the necessary papers needed for your divorce.
  3. All you need to do is sign the papers and send them back to us.

Click here to learn about how long an uncontested divorce takes to be completed.

Interested in uncontested divorce?
CONTACT US today to schedule a FREE consultation. We will respond promptly.

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