Divorce Mediation

Alison Keil, Esq. Certified Mediator

Alison Keil, Esq. is not only a seasoned litigator with over 20 years of experience but is also a certified mediator.  She completed forty hours of training in 2013 at the Center for Mediation in Training in New York City.  Then, in 2020, she completed an additional forty hours of training with Stalder Mediation which is a Part 146 course approved by the New York State Courts. In 2021, Alison became certified to mediate cases by the Florida Supreme Court which required 40 hours of training plus a mentorship. Alison stays updated on the most modern approaches to mediation and collaborative practice which is enhanced by her litigation practice and knowledge of the law.

Alison is appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York in Manhattan, Queens and Nassau Counties as part of their presumptive mediation programs.  Alison has effectively facilitated settlements in adversarial pending matrimonial and family disputes.

Mediation Certifications:
Center for Mediation and Training (2013)
Stalder Mediation (2020)
Florida Supreme Court (2021)

Divorce Mediation is a Cost Effective, Less Contentious Process

Divorce can be prohibitively expensive, time-consuming and an emotionally draining process.  Mediation is an option for couples seeking a less adversarial and less costly process.  Working with New York mediators has several benefits which include cost savings, time savings, equivalent bargaining power between parties, and fewer disputes.


  1. There is one fee for BOTH parties;
  2. You do not pay money for lawyers to communicate with one another;
  3. You do not go to court so there is no money expended on travel, time waiting in the courthouse, drafting and serving court documents;  and
  4. There is only one attorney involved so all communication is open between both parties with a common goal: completion of the matter in the most cost efficient manner possible.


  1. At Keil & Siegel LLP we not only are mediators but we are licensed NY attorneys. Therefore, with your completed mediation you will have your Separation Agreement filed with the court.  Therefore, there are no additional retainers, attorneys to interview with unexpected fees or additional time spent once the mediation is completed;  and
  2. Through mediation you and your spouse will resolve every disputed issue and can tailor your agreement specifically to address your uniqueIt is all in your hands and there is no loss of control to the decision of a Judge who is governed by state guidelines.  In a court proceeding a judge has to ultimately choose a side and a resolution.  In mediation, the parties, together with their attorney, come up with creative resolutions that meet the needs of the specific parties involved. Typical areas requiring resolution include:
  1. Child support;
  2. Custody/visitation;
  3. Medical insurance;
  4. Education (college);
  5. Life insurance;
  6. Taxes;
  7. Spousal support/alimony/maintenance;
  8. Division of debts;
  9. Division of property (house, car, bank accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, jewelry, art).

I was terrified to get divorced and feared spending my savings on lawyer fees.  My ex-husband and I met with Alison together and decided to move forward with mediation.  Alison helped us navigate our conflict calmly and peacefully. We worked together before and during the pandemic and she moved us to a virtual platform which was seamless and successful.  Our divorce agreement was filed with the court and we are now legally separated.  The price was right and the entire process was done with integrity. —Sandy P.

My husband and I agreed in advance that we would resolve our differences through mediation rather than get separate lawyers involved.  It was an excellent decision as it streamlined the process.  I have heard of nightmare battles from friends and relatives.  Alison made sure we stayed on track.  We tackled one issue at a time.  The most difficult issue was custody of our daughters which we spent a few sessions on but ultimately resolved.  I highly recommend mediation with Alison Keil. —Kelley M.

Mediation was a great option for me and my ex.  We wanted to divide our assets fairly but needed the help of a lawyer and mediator to figure out how to do it under the law and how to structure it the best way for tax purposes.  Alison took us through the process and wrote up the Agreement.  if you are getting divorced and want to do so without a battle and for the least amount of money possible, mediation is the best route. —Jonathan E.

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