Jewish Divorce


While divorce is discouraged under Jewish law, a couple is permitted to part if there is excessive bitterness between them. A proper NY Jewish divorce is referred to as a get. A civil divorce alone is not sufficient under Jewish Law.

Why is a Get Necessary?

In order to end a Jewish marriage, halacha (Jewish law) requires a Jewish divorce get, without which both husband and wife may not remarry.

What is involved in the Get Process?

The process  is conducted by a scribe who prepares the get document (on parchment paper) in front of the parties. The parties will make the appropriate statements as directed by the scribe and are expected to provide proof of identification.

The now ex-wife will take the get in her hands and walk a few steps back. The New York Jewish divorce is official when the wife accepts the get in her hands.

While costs can vary, an average get costs $350.

What is our role in your Jewish Divorce?

While it is our role to conduct the civil divorce process our New York divorce attorneys are cognizant of the importance of the get to many Jewish couples. Therefore, while we are completing the civil divorce we will make sure that a get is or will be completed. We will remove any anxiety and uncertainty relative to this process and will ensure that you are in the right hands to achieve the New York Jewish divorce while completing the civil divorce as well. Here is an article about a Connecticut case where the get became an issue.

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