What Distinguishes Keil & Siegel LLP

Keil & Siegel is a family-oriented law firm with uniquely close attorney-client relationships. We are here for our clients 24/7. We always offer –and find– that we can resolve differences outside of court where appropriate. We take the time to hear our client’s entire history. We learn about the children and the family before ever making legal decisions that will impact a client. Our clients keep in touch with us for years. They appreciate the closeness and careful decision-making process. Keil & Siegel is constantly referred to children, cousins, neighbors and friends through word of mouth. We leave no stone unturned in each matter before us. Our clients are our top priority.

New York divorce attorneys at Keil & Siegel, LLP offer many divorce and family law services. Please click on the titles to learn more:

Contested Divorce

Our Long Island and New York divorce lawyers will advise you on all relevant issues including but not limited to spousal maintenance, child support, custody, equitable distribution of property, real estate division, tax treatment, etc.

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse can agree that your divorce should be simple, economical, fast and stress-free AND you do not want to be forced to live with an arrangement dictated by the court then take control over your own divorce and do an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE.  It is fast, cheap and effective.

Pre/Postnuptial Agreements

We will evaluate all assets at issue and will provide you with a solid agreement that will forever protect you.

Separation Agreements

The agreement delineates the parties’ rights with respect to custody, visitation, child support, distribution of property and all other matters specific to each relationship.

Settlement Agreements

Even if you and your spouse are in full agreement regarding the terms of your divorce there may be some remaining issues that you would like spelled out in an agreement preventing any future dispute.

Child Custody/Child Support

The New York courts can be very overwhelming when the welfare of your children is involved.  Our New York family lawyers understand the emotions that parents face and are here to guide you through the process.

Jewish Divorce

While divorce is discouraged under Jewish law, a couple is permitted to part if there is excessive bitterness between them.  A proper NY Jewish divorce is referred to as a get.  A civil divorce alone is not sufficient under Jewish Law.


Mediation is an option for couples seeking a less adversarial and less costly process.  Mediation has several benefits, which include cost savings, time savings, equivalent bargaining power between parties, and fewer disputes.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is an excellent tool for a non-litigious party who seeks to mediate but may feel that the bargaining power will be more equivalent should each party have their own representative to speak on his/her behalf.

Dominican Republic Divorce

New York will give full faith and credit to a foreign divorce in cases where both parties agree to the foreign divorce and participate in the process. In 1971, the Dominican Republic amended the laws regarding divorce so as to permit foreigners to obtain a divorce in ONE DAY without any residence requirement. Many Americans who are in need of a “one-day divorce” have utilized this exception to accomplish a fast divorce.

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