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Divorce Mediation is a Cost Effective, Less Contentious Process

Divorce can be prohibitively expensive, time-consuming and an emotionally draining process.  Mediation is an option for couples seeking a less adversarial and less costly process.  Working with New York mediators has several benefits which include cost savings, time savings, equivalent bargaining power between parties, and fewer disputes.

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Alison Keil, Esq. Certified Mediator

Alison Keil, Esq. is not only a seasoned litigator with over 20 years of experience but is also a certified mediator. She completed forty hours of training in 2013 at the Center for Mediation in Training in New York City.  Then, in 2020, she completed an additional forty hours of training with Stalder Mediation which is a Part 146 course approved by the New York State Courts. Alison stays updated on the most modern approaches to mediation and collaborative practice which is enhanced by her litigation practice and knowledge of the law.

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