Divorce Hotel: Check in Married; Check Out Separated and Nearer Divorce

Divorce Hotel: Check in Married; Check Out Separated and Nearer Divorce

We recently blogged about getting divorced in a single day. This time around we’re writing about getting divorced over a weekend…

You may have seen some news recently about a relatively new concept in divorce, known as “Divorce Hotel.” A Netherlands company put this concept into play, whereby couples check into a hotel on a Friday, work with a mediator and lawyers to resolve differences and, theoretically, check out of the hotel on Sunday with a divorce agreement. They even have a website: http://www.divorcehotel.com/.

According to founder, Jim Halfens, he has only had one unsuccessful couple. Apparently, the husband in that matter was being demanding and unreasonable in such a way that a deal was unworkable. (No word on whether he otherwise enjoyed his stay at the hotel.) Mr. Halfens reports that the process of taking these individuals to a hotel gives them a chance to be removed from routine daily stresses and allows them to take a refreshing step out of daily life. Eliminating outside influences, combined with the counseling involved in the process, has been an effective means to achieve settlement-oriented results.

At Keil & Siegel LLP, we believe that divorce mediation may very well be the fastest and cheapest way in New York to get divorced with fair results. The parties may end up conceding on some points, financial or otherwise. However, compared with the steep cost of litigation, mediation can result in financial benefit for the couple in the end. Not to mention, mediation can save each of the parties and their families untold stress generated by the adversarial process.

New York saw its entry into the “Divorce Hotel” market some months ago, with news coverage focusing on the concept being deployed at one of Saratoga’s landmark hotels upstate. (Given the hotel’s desirability, it may not be as cheap as other mediated divorces, but perhaps the stress is reduced even further by the location’s luxury.) According to Mr. Halfens, other states are to join in.

Perhaps seclusion is the key to Divorce Hotel’s success. Anything that works to make the divorce process more palatable for couples is a concept that we support. We looking forward to monitoring the progress of Divorce Hotel and whether it can result in a viable cost-effective divorce alternative in New York.

What do you think? Would you visit the Divorce Hotel to get divorced? Leave your comments below.

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    Image Source: “The Breakers Hotel: Palm Beach, Florida by Florida Memory circa 1920 in Flickr Commons.


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