Brittany and KFed: The Custody Update

Brittany and KFed: The Custody Update

So it seems that there are new terms in the Spears and Federline custody case almost monthly. First it was reported that Federline had full custody. Then we heard that Brittany was granted supervised visits with the boys. Later she had overnight visits. Now, sources are reporting that the boys will be accompanying her on her tour and that custody will be shared 50-50 with Federline. So what is the story?

A custody determination is made by weighing the “best interests of the child”. The child’s interests and well-being are paramount. In New York, weighing into the decision are, among others, the following:

Factors impacting child custody

  • The current living arrangements of the child, if the parents are already separated
  • In some cases, the child’s preference (usually with older children)
  • The stability of the environment at each parent’s home
  • The financial stability of each parent
  • The emotional and mental stability of each parent

Custody cases are often very fact specific and determinations are made with the goal that each of the child’s parents are able to share an equal, healthy and productive role in the child’s life. If a parent is unable to safely care for a child at the time of a hearing, but then can prove to the court that they have become able, it is usually held that the best interests of the child are served by each parent having a role in the child’s life.

Brittany Spears is fortunate enough to have an excellent legal team and financial resources. This has certainly made her custody struggle significantly more manageable given her tumultuous public behavior.

The attorneys at Keil & Siegel LLP have been involved in custody hearings in the New York State Courts where Judges have proven to inquire as to the facts of each case and make a balanced determination with an end to each child developing strong relationships with both parents if possible.

If you have any questions about a current child custody matter or a change in a former custody determination, please contact the New York divorce attorneys at Keil & Siegel LLP today.

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